Monday, November 21, 2011

The Lathe is Tops!

And other things too, but whatever it is, it sure has been fun!

It seems that every spare moment I get, I go out and turn something on the lathe. 

Check out all of these tops.  These are only the extra ones.  The kids have their own with their own stuff and I have given some others away.  

You can see two small bowls that I turned also, the bowls that the tops are in. 

I call this one the "Drunken Sailor" because when it spins down, it does a funny "drunken sailor" dance.  I don't think that I have ever actually seen a drunken sailor before. 

I have also been making some spoons. Turn a piece of wood into a spoon shape, cut it in half on the bandsaw and carve out the bowl and there you have it... A SPOON!   Two actually.

We have also been turning some pens with friends.  Here they are in action!

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