Saturday, June 29, 2013

Getting Back to Business

I was gung-ho in April when I started to paint the outside of the house. 

Then there was a bunch of overtime at work, a hurt leg and then seasonal allergies that all hit in that order. 

Now that things have settled down some and I am feeling better, I am ready to get started on the house again.

I got out this morning and was able to pressure wash a section of the house and start to get ready to put some primer and paint on it.  I will have to replace the trim around the window and add a piece to the fascia but, those can be done after the base color is already on.  At least it seems to be the way I have been working this paint project. 

These are some before pictures, after it has been pressure washed.


Thanks to Micah and the others that helped me here today.  Micah was on the roof with me and I had "gophers" on the ground when we needed something from down below.  The "gophers" were whoever responded to "Hey!" when I needed something.  So mostly it was Christopher unless I specifically called some else by name.  Ha ha.