Friday, November 16, 2012

Beeman R9 (Airgun) Stock

It seems as though I am on an airgun kick again.  Yes, that is true.  In fact, I have recently purchased a new airgun... No, make that TWO new airguns!  The one is ducumented here on the posts prior to this one on the pistol grips.  It's is a Crosman 2240 CO2 pistol.  The 2nd one still has not arrived in my hot little hands yet but, I will save that one for another post. 

This is about a stock that I started about 2-3 years ago for one of my best friends that is an airgunner.  This is for his Beeman R9 in .177 cal.  This project has taken so long, like all of my projects, because I am easily distracted and I lose steam quickly.  If I could only work faster, I may be able to keep up with my project ideas.  Not really! ha ha. 

The stock has been inletted already and the action drops right in.  The profile has been roughed out and now I am working of the shaping of the stock.  This has all been done by hand.  When I say hand, I mean, with no duplicators.  I actually used a router and a drill press to do the inletting and other various tools to cut and shape the outside.  Now I am down to true hand work using chisels, files and sandpaper shaping and sanding trying to get what is in my mind on to the piece of black walnut used for the stock.  This is the first full length riflestock that I have attempted.  I have this one and one other (R9 stock) for myself.


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Pistol Grips Mounted

Not much to say, really.  I think that the grips on this Crosman 2240 look great.  Definately an improvement from the original black plastic ones that came with it.  There is nothing wrong or unfuntional about the originals, just boring and unattractive.  At least in my opinion.

Here is a peek at the inside of the grips that fit against the grip body of the pistol.

Here is before (black plastic)

Here is after (Sapele wood)

Here is looking at the back and closeup on both sides.  The pictures don't do this wood justice on how beautiful it is.  The figure really comes out in the sunlight!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Pistol Whipped!

This is a spin-off project from the airgun stock that I just finished. 

The carbine rifle was a gift.  It is no longer in my possession.  In order to complete that project, I needed to make and order from  They offer free shipping on orders over a certain amount and if I only got the items required for the air rifle, I would not make the limit and get FREE shipping.

Well, I did what any economical shopper would have done to take advantage of such a great offer, I added MORE to my order!

One of the items that I added to the order was a Crosman 2240 CO2 pistol.  These things are highly customizable and I have never owned one of these so, I thought it wise to add this to the order and take full advantage of FREE shipping! 

This pistol is a blast, literally.  It is probably the most contiuous fun a person can have for a minimal investment of dollars. 

The internet provides a ton of resources for ideas on how to customize these little pistols.  One of the quickest and easiest upgrades is replacing the black plastic grips for something more appealling made out of wood. 

So what do you think that I did?

Yep, you guessed it, I made a set of my own grips. 

This set is made from the same type of wood that the carbine stock was made from, sapele. 


It has taken about 2 days of evenings and some here and there to make these grips so, they don't have a huge investment of time in them for the beauty that they add to the pistol.

I have finished them with 3-4 coats of shellac sanding sealer, a good rubbin' with a green scotch brite and one wipe on coat of satin polyurethane.

I think that they will dress up the gun real purdy like, once the finish dries!  Once they are dry, I will add some pics with the grips installed.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Making an Airgun Stock #3 (Completed)

If you have been reading this blog to find out "how" to make a stock for the Crosman 1377, you will have realized that I flopped on the "how" part.  What I DID do was show what I did.  Maybe there is some hidden tip within these sentences that has been of help to you.  If not, I apologize.  My original intent was to make this a tutorial for making a stock and time didn't allow me to do that very well. 

I was making this gun as a gift and today was the deadline day that I had to get it to the recipient.  I made the deadline successfully.

Here are some final pictures of the gun before it was packaged up and taken off to be given away. 

This is the best one that I have done so far, at least I think so. 

The wood is sapele.  The wood used for the grip cap in quartersawn sycamore (light wood) and black walnut (dark wood).  I used polyurethane in satin for the finish.

Thanks for checking this out.  I hope it will inspire you to go make something!