Saturday, September 15, 2012

Pulpit Update

This project is getting closer to being completed.  I had some issues with the paste wax smudging and streaking and not leaving a consistent sheen so I bagged it.  I had to strip some wax off and reapply some coats of poly.  I have one, maybe two more coats to apply to the front and then install the corner details and trim and some touch up on the finish after those are installed. 

The arches are permanently attached.  The miters took a little finessing to look good but that is to be expected.  I am pleased with how well they look now. 

The internal frame with the shelves and drawer are attached now too!  I have the holes plugged and the glue is drying.  I will have to flush and sand them and apply some poly over them. 

The rail for the slanted top to rest on is on now too.  I also blued the steel "hooks" that will hook on the rail and they are screwed to the underside of the top.  The hooks will allow the top to lift up for access to the drawer or to get something that my have slipped under the top.  The top is not pictured on yet, the finish on the top shelf needs to cure longer, it is still soft.

That is all for now.  More to be updated soon.  My hope is to have it in the church in the next couple of weeks but I have said that too many time before and it hasn't happened yet.  We will see.