Saturday, May 18, 2013

Ready Your Firelocks!

All sorts of activities have been taking place around the house, paint, wiring, various wood projects still in the works.  There have been three projects that have been started and finished while these others still continue on.

They were completed by two of the kids, Micah and Amy.  In fact, three have been completed since the start of writing this post! (Goes to show how diligent I am at cpmpleteing these posts in a timely fashion! Ha!)

Ok, now there have been more than just the three.  Here, just look at them and you will see!

Amy is in the top picture with her "Brown Bess", a British Land Pattern Musket used to aid Britian's colonial expansion during the 19th Century.  This was the classic rifle used by the British Army during our country's Revolutionary War.  Amy is also holding a bow and arrow modeled after her own imagination!

Micah is also holding his original "Brown Bess" along with an M1 Garand.  The M1 Garande was accepted into US Army service in 1936 and became the world's first standard issue self-loading rifle.  He is also carrying a broad sword.

Heather, in the bottom picture, is sporting a broad sword.  Hers is a lighter foot soldier model which isn't as heavy as the one pictured with Micah.

Micah was the motivator of these projects and the resident "expert" on the history, use and construction of these replica weapons.  All helped in their construction and decoration. 

Have fun kids! 

You can also see what other projects we have been up to by looking at the house in the background.

We are in the process of painting the exterior of the house and building new shutters and planter boxes for the windows along the front of the house.  Thank you to my dad (Jeff) for building the planter boxes. 

To my mom, dad, Michele and all the kids that have been helping to paint the house, shutters and planter boxes.  It sure does make the work go alot quicker with many hands helping.

Thank You!