About Me

Husband, Daddy to seven, and a really cool woodworker.

My wife wrote that for me and it makes me feel good so I'm leaving it. 

Here is more about me.

I am Brett Peterson and I live in Puyallup, WA. I started into woodworking around 1999 when I recieved a $50 Home Depot gift card from my foreman, at work, for Christmas. I hadn't had much experience with woodworking before that other than a 7th grade woodshop class. I decided to add another $50 of my own to the gift card and buy a Ryobi scroll saw with it.

That is really where I started. I built a small pine shelf with some scrollsawn supports for my girls, I painted it purple, of course. I really enjoyed cutting on the scrollsaw and I convinced myself that a finishing sander would be a great "reward" for completing the shelf for the girls. I bought a DeWalt finishing sander and soon after decided that a random orbit sander would take less "effort" to sand and with better results. This is where the pursuit of more tools and bigger projects began. I think that I considered myself a "woodworker" when I completed a set of maple bunkbeds for my two boys. That was somewhere around 2004.

I enjoy making things that will be used and appreciated for generations to come. I hope that one day my great, great, great garndchildren will still be using the things that I build today.

Thanks for reading