Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Computer Monitor Stand with Hard Drive Garages

In this digital age, many of us have multiple hard drives for storing information like pictures and videos.  Also having at least one backup drive is a good idea. 
Having these extra hard drives around the desk takes up space.  They say it's cheaper to build up than it is to build out so, that is what I did for our extra computer drives!
I made a small platform from some 3/4" thick plywood with 3 "garages" below where the monitor sits to make some more surface area.  The monitor sits on top and the 3 hard drives are housed below with easy access. 
I used a dowel cut in half lengthwise to cover the front of the uprights to look like small pillars and I made some simple cove moulding to cover the top horizontal edges.  I used glue and pin nails to assemble the pieces and filled the nail holes with a light spackle. 
A few coats of black spray paint and some clear coat and the project is complete and ready for use (as soon as the finish dries).