Monday, March 3, 2014


Yum is the word when dessert is being made!
I made a couple of simple projects for Michele and April this week.  I made two cake decorating turntables (lazy susan) and some letters for decorating in the kitchen. 
Michele found the "yum" font on a mug at an antique store.  I took a picture so I could duplicate it at home. 
I put the color on first and let it dry.  Then I used painters tape and laid it out over the color where I wanted the letters to be.  I drew the letters on the tape and cut around the edges of them.  Next I peeled the extra tape off, leaving the tape over the color in the shape of the letters. 
I used black spray paint over the color and the tape.  After the black dried, the tape was peeled off revealing the color beneath.  Next was sanding the edges of the top and some around the lettering to let some of the color beneath come through.  I top coated them with satin spray lacquer.
These letters were actually completed before I had the idea of the turntables.  I drew the letters out on some paper and used spray adhesive to adhere the paper letters to the wood.  They were cut out on the scroll saw. 
The finish is black spray paint, sanded edges and satin lacquer over the top.  Simple and fun!
I have also changed my shaving routine a bit.  I am now "wet shaving".  Shave like my grandpa use to shave.  I use a brush, shave soap and a double edge safety razor.  I bought a set of three safety razor heads and I turned the handles for them out of wood. 
This first one was turned for Elliott, my oldest son.  It is maple and black walnut laminated together.
This is the second handle that was turned.  It's black walnut from our tree in the yard.  The button on the end is a stainless steel bolt that was ground round and polished.  It adds weight to the handle and adds a touch of detail.  This is the one that I am using.
This last razor is for Micah, my next oldest son.  The wood was some burl that was at my mom and dads place.  I used black spray paint and cherry Danish oil to bring some of the grain out.  All of the razor handles are finished with CA glue and wax.
I also made some rings for Michele for Valentines Day.  These are made from shavings taken from a handplane and some CA glue.  One is maple, one black walnut and one in laminated black walnut and maple.  Below is a video on how I make these.
I have been busy in the shop...  which is a good thing!
Thanks for checking it out!