Friday, April 13, 2012

A Wooden Apple

This was a requested project from the lovely Mrs. Peterson even before I got my lathe.  It was an idea that she found in a book, or magazine or something.  The apple is used as a reminder to always say sweet words to one another, not words that are hurtful or condescending. 

We use it at the dinner table.  If someone is using words that are not positive, the apple is placed in front of that individual and is an indicator that their words are not helping to build up, but to break down.  The person is then able to excuse themselves and come back when they are ready to apologize and use kind words again.

We haven't had to place the apple in front of anyone yet (not that we haven't ever said unkind words to one another, just not since we have had the apple for that purpose) and just having it at the table is a good reminder to watch our conversation.

Here is a video of turning a second apple on the lathe.  I first one I did on a spur of the moment one night and I like it so much that I thought a video might be inspiring to others to go make one for themselves. 

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