Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Then We'll Take it Higher

Moving ahead on the painting of the exterior of the house this week.  I'm am not in a hurry although I would like it to be finished.

Here we have some of the cutting in of the siding and trim and we also have some trim added for some depth or separation between the siding and the fascia board trimwork. 

This is just the primer, no color on yet.  Maybe this afternoon when the sun moves around to the other side of the house and this section is in the shade.  The paint directions say not to apply in direct sunlight and it simply is just to warm painting with the sun reflecting off of the surface making it extra warm.

I little treat brought home from Shell to help cool things down some!

All work and no play make things dull so here is a little video I put together to show how to safely cock and load a spring powered air rifle. 

I also took some pictures in the evening at work the other night and I thought that this was a cool perspective of the "City Light" sign on the roof of the building.  These are straight out of the camera with no editing.  The colors are fantastic!  I have been wanting to take these for a couple of years but only recently got the chance since I didn't personally have a camera that could take this wide angle.


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Anonymous said...

You are not only a good carpenter, a goog airgun shooter but also a good photographer !!! ;)