Monday, January 13, 2014

Gearing Up

I have been gearing up to start a new project for the house.  I want to build some cabinets for storage in our "school" room.  We don't have much storage/closet space in our 1930 house and with 10 people living in it, there is A LOT of stuff!

The main thing that has had to happen in order for me to get ready for this has been to get the shop cleaned up so I can move around in it without tripping on something or having to clear a spot on the workbench in order to simply set something down.  The shop became the dumping grounds last summer while I was trying to paint the exterior of the house.  Things simply got piled up and left that way. 

Now that the shop is in working order, (notice I didn't say perfect order ;) ) I will be able to start breaking down the sheet goods for the cabinet cases.  I am thinking that I may want to apply some finish to the side of the plywood that will end up being on the inside of the assembled cabinets.  I can apply the finish to the whole 4x8 sheet and then cut the pieces after it has dried.  I plan on using simple pocket hole joinery for the construction of the cases. 

In the meantime while I am waiting for the right time to get started applying some finish, I have been enjoying carving another spoon! 

These are the tools of the trade.  A crook knife (as seen in the last post) and the simple folding pocket knife used to carve the shape.  My birthday is coming up soon and I have put in a request for a couple more carving knives.  Here are two links to the knives that I am hoping for.  1.9" blade  3.2" blade

The spoon is black walnut from a tree in the yard.  See how the wood looks kind of hazy?  We used it tonight to serve guacamole and after it was washed, the grain raised and was rough.  I sanded it just before I took these two pictures, that is why it looks light.

Also, the kids were given some rocks from my grandma and they had a black light that was given to them from their grammy so they were looking at the rocks in the dark and having some fun seeing how their white clothes and teeth glowed!  Fun stuff!

Christopher was brushing his teeth in the dark with his light up toothbrush, so I took a psychedelic moving image in the mirror!

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