Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The shop saga continues!

I have about 85% of the walls covered and painted.  It sure has been nice to rearrange the layout some and to sort through "stuff".  I was able to get rid of the radial arm saw, some ladders and a TON of scrap wood. 

Now I have to build some work surfaces along part of a couple of walls and move things into their final places.  It already feels so much nicer to go out there with the bright walls and the shop seems to feel bigger too. 

Not too much longer after things are cleaned up, I hope to get a video tour of the shop to share with everyone.  I can't wait to get going on those wood projects that have been on hold while I took this rabbit trail on shop improvements.

N/E corner before

N/W corner before

 The before pictures aren't true before pictures.  There was a lot more mess in both of the corners and neither one of them were very accessible.

I don't like where my plywood storage is.  It should be by the overhead door, in the front, so I don't have to carry materials in through the shop and all the way to the back corner.  But the lumber had a tendency to spread to the floor and start to take over the pathway in from the overhead door.  It made the front of the shop really messy and unsafe.  It was too easy for me to just keep the pile growing by setting cutoffs and other things on the floor (it's was right next to the table saw).  Now if the pile grows, it will be in the back out of the walking and working path.  If too much gets left in front of the new location, it will block the sheet goods in and I won't be able to get them unless I clear the area.  Hopefully this will be a good motivator to keep the area clear!

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