Friday, September 23, 2011

Scary Glue-up!

I have started to glue up the 5 panels that make up the body of the pulpit.  I tried a couple of different dry trial runs and I am glad that I did! 

I kept having the joint between the two panels separating.  The angle of the joint combined with the clamping pressure was wanting to make the joint come together at first but when more pressure would be applied, the pressure wanted to make the panel fold back on each other like closing a book.

I ended up building a framework to support the two panels being glued and that would keep them from folding in on themselves.  I have some cauls and weight on the joint to keep pressure down and I can get good clamping force without it wanting to open. 

I will glue two sections like I have pictured here and the final two glue ups will be with the pieces vertical.  I will take pictures and give some explination when I get there.  I will leave all of the joints in clamps for at least 24 hours to be sure that the glue will do it job.

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