Monday, September 26, 2011

Woodworking is fun...

...  and rewarding.  But woodworking has it's risks. 

Take the table saw for example.  It has a 10" blade, with anywhere from 40 to 80 carbide cutting edges, spinning in your direction at approximately 3450 RPM! 

This was taken from a table saw basics article from the internet

Back-Side, Kickback
"This type of kickback is the most dangerous type, because the velocity of the wood coming back at the operator can be nearly the same speed as the blade. (50 to 100 miles per hour on a typical 10 inch saw.)" 

Then there is the router.  Those little guys pack 3/4 hp to 2 1/4 hp in a small package that is whirring the cutting edge at up to 23,000 RPM!  If you have ever had a piece of wood launched by a router, you know that they are no joke.

No matter what the tool is, or what each of the tools risks are, the best defense against injury is education.  Knowing what the purpose of the tool is, how to operate it safely, and what the inherent risks are, is the key to staying free from injuries in the woodshop.  Just knowing these things alone are good but, we must practice our knowledge of these things each and every time we are in there.  One simple slip of the mind while using any tool can result in serious injury or even death.

Life is no different.  There are many risks out there, and the best defense against being blindsided, or caught off guard, is to be educated. 

Here is a link to a 30 minute documentary that will get a person thinking about more important issues in life.  Don't be caught off guard!

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