Monday, July 30, 2012

Woodworking is not only fun, but practical.

Our towel bar, that was mounted to the wall with those plastic drywall screw type thingies, finally worked itself free on one side, looking like an old jalopy car with broken suspension springs. The one side was hanging on for dear life while the sinister single towel that hung upon it, was trying to bring it down to its demise.
Well, before the bar came down to its certain death, I decided that something needed to be done before this happened. So I finally got around to making a towel bar with a shelf. Or is it the other way around? A shelf with a towel bar?

Either way, this is it!

It’s made from some 1” cedar decking that I had left over that I used for a small section of fence to divide an area in the yard. I no longer needed the fence where it was and took the section down and stored it outdoors under cover.

When I came up with a design, which took about 3 minutes on the internet, I went into action Faaaaaast!

This was about a 3 hour project fron start to finish this Sunday afternoon. It is contructed with glue and nails. No fancy schmany joinery here! In fact, no finish either! Just the raw wood.

This isn't the only wood thing that I have been doing. 

Here is a goblet that I made for Sean, our newest member of the family.

This is a video of the making of this goblet.  I hope that you enjoy it.

Here we are after a hard days work!  Ha ha.

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