Tuesday, July 31, 2012

We live in an older home. With that comes some need of making home repairs and improvements. Our house has some nice single panel fir doors but they have been coated with many layers of paint through the years.

Quite some time ago, I got the urge to see what treasure lay beneath the layers of paint on one of the doors. This was a test to see if I wanted to reveal the wood on all the doors in the house. This task proved to be a real chore and not one that I thought was of enough value to put all that effort into. Removing multiple layers of paint is WORK!

So I ended up with one stripped door that needed to have something done with. This one ended up getting hung back up and nothing done to it for a couple of years until now. We had the plan to paint this image on it but the desire or the time to get to it seemed to keep dodging us. Finally with the birth of a new boy, I had a couple of weeks off to spend helping with the other kids and taking care of household chores. We got excited about painting our door and this is what we ended up with.

We also made a video of the process and we think it turned out fun!
Now we need to come up with a picture idea for the back of the door!

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Anonymous said...

This is such a fun project. You share time together and end up with a present to the house from the complete family. Make those good family memories with lots of love.