Saturday, August 4, 2012

It has been awhile since

I have shared any progress on the pulpit that I started about a year and a half ago.  This is probably my second largest woodworking project since I started considering myself a woodworker.  My largest project was a set of bunkbeds that I made for the boys about 7-8 years ago.  This is the first project of it size that I completely designed the construction of.  I only had a few pictures and measurements from another pulpit. 

Figuring out how to do it and what details to add was the more fun part of the project.  Breaking down the rough lumber and dimensioning it is fun too.  When I got into the detailed construction of it, I got bogged down and sort let my interests wander.  I just seemed to procrastinate on getting out in the shop and working on it.  I wasn't avoiding the shop, just this project. 

It's an exciting project but I lose steam fast.  I have come to realize that I would prefer building smaller projects since I have been working on this one.  Now I am to the finishing stage and I am getting more and more excited about seeing this project through to completion.  I like how the finish is going but I am realizing that I needed to spend more time actually sanding the surfaces before I got to this point.  Another lesson learned.  It's not bad, just not as nice as I thought that it was. 

Most people will never know but I will.  I have to remember that I am not perfect and some of the "flaws" in a project can add that human element to it.   

Here are some pictures of how it sits now. 

There are two coats of poly on the front, one on the back, one on the inside frame to the left of both pictures and one or two coats on some of the other smaller parts that are in the picture.  I just screwed the top lip on the five panels and glued the plugs in.  I will cut the excess off and flush it with the lip and degloss the finish in preparation for more poly.

Here is a picture showing the sheen of the finish on the front.  This has been deglossed with a green scotchbrite pad.  I think I could just wax and polish this surface and it would come with just the right satin sheen that I want.  I think I will add one more coat for good measure!

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