Sunday, October 14, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Recently we celebrated a birthday for one of our boys that just turned 10.  He loves outdoor things and most anything camoflauge or military related. 

This birthday he had some requests for his gifts and we wanted to bless him with his wishes.  Of course they are things that most any boy turning 10 years old would like to have. 

His list included:

1. A camoflauge tent
2. Camoflauge face paints
3. A duck call
4. A pellet gun

See what I mean about most any boy turning 10 would like to have?  In fact, I'm 40 and I would like to get that stuff for MY birthday!  Ha ha.

Well, he got his wishes and we were happy for him to have them!   What does this have to do with woodworking?  Everything!

Here is a video showing a box that I made to put his wrapped birthday gifts in.  It is made of pine and it is painted (obviously).  He loves it and the contents that it held. 

Happy Birthday Micah! 

I hope that you enjoy the video.

And guess what else?  All of the gifts fit in the box!  Way to go!  It wasn't planned that way, that is just how it worked out.  Wheeew!

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