Monday, October 22, 2012

Making an Airgun Stock

I am starting to make a stock and pump arm for a Crosman 1377 pellet gun.  I thought that I would keep record of making it here on this blog.  It will hopefully serve as a reference for myself and anyone else that may be interested in attempting to make one for themselves. 

I am making this particular one out of sapele, an african hardwood similar to mahogany in appearance and working properties.  I think sapele is richer in brown with a hint of red in color and it has some really spectacular shimmery ribbons of figure in it (chatoyancy). 

I didn't have any material thick enough for this project and sapele is what I had the most of on hand so this is how I ended up deciding to use it.  I think that it will be really unique and I am looking forward to the final product. 

I started out by cutting an approximately 10" wide board into lengths roughly 17" long.  I glued and clamped the two pieces together and let them sit for a few hours.  After the glue was dry, I squared up the blank on the tablesaw, ripping the long sides parallel and cutting both ends off.  Then I ripped a piece off about 2" wide for the pump arm blank. 

Here is what it looked like after the clamps were removed.  The last picture is after the blank has been squared and the blank for the pump arm was ripped off.  The blanks are 1 7/8" thick. 

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