Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year! 2014

Just a couple of projects to share here at the start of this new year of 2014!

I have made two gameboards that were given away as Christmas gifts.

The game is called Mancala.  The rules are simple and there are many variations to the game.  Here is a link to the way we like to play.  The only difference is that we like to use 4 stones in the cups, not the three mentioned.

This first board is made from Madrone.

This second board is made from Sapele.
Overall, these are pretty quick and easy projects to make.  I used a box core bit and routed the cups freehand on both boards.  I actually like the uneven edges of the cups.  I turned the legs for each on the lathe.  Most store bought boards don't come with legs and can usually be folded in half for easier storage.  I made these to be played on and displayed on a shelf when not in use.  Sort of like a usable decoration.
The madrone board was finished with Watco dark walnut danish oil finish and the sapele board was finished with boiled linseed oil (BLO).  The game pieces are decorative rocks purchased from the craft store.  



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