Sunday, August 25, 2013

August Update

Not much new to report as far as projects.

I am still working on painting the outside of the house.  There always seems to be some sort of distraction to take my energies in a direction other than getting the house painted.  It seems like it's always like that on any project that I start. 

Here is the boys window that was started and finished but I didn't post any finished pictures of until now.  Here is the post with pictures of the start of the painting of this section.

As you can see, there are some saw horses up there with some siding for the dormers.  I have one dormer completely sided and just the front on the other one.  I hope to have the 2nd dormer completely sided tomorrow.  That is if we don't go out and play on the last day of our vacation, before I have to return to work!

Here is my lovely assistant painting some window trim and the window trim that she painted!


The back of the house that is almost finished.
We also attended a wedding for Michele's brother.  Here is a guest book that we put together for the special occasion.  Congratulations to John and Jackie if you happen to read this!  It was a beautiful occasion and we are happy for the newly weds!
This link will take you to some more pictures and a brief description of the project itself, should you be interested.  I would like to have posted more of the process of building it here but I was a bit pressed for time to get it done since I procrastinated on getting it started until a week before the wedding!  Whew!

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