Monday, August 8, 2011

The eyes are the window to the soul.

Just like the eyes that let light into the body, the window lets light into the shop.

My shop is a "work in progress".  Today I decided that I would take the time to install a window that I salvaged from a friend last year.  This spot had a window in it originally but when I put a concrete footing under the exterior walls last year, I removed it.  It was in really poor shape, it had gaps and cracked glass...  not worth the keeping.  I covered the opening and hoped to put some glass back in there at some point.  When I came across the window that my friend was going to dump, I snatched it up and stored it until the right time.  Today was just that sort of time.

My shop is nothing fancy, it is 50-60 years old and not really built to last this long.  Ideally I would have liked to tear it down and start over, but it takes money to do that, something that I don't have extra wheelbarrels full of, so I make do with what I have. 

The end result isn't something that you would see published in FineHomebuilding, but it is a HUGE improvement to what was there originally and what I had patched up. 

Here it is before and after some time and effort.  Much improved...  I think.


Now all I need is some caulk and paint!

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