Friday, August 12, 2011

Rebuilding the infrastucture (and high tech automated storage solutions)

Moving forward and making progress. 

I have the one wall fully sheeted with OSB.  It not the prettiest of surfaces but it's a SHOP!  I am happy to have the framing covered and some paint on the walls.  I used some blue/gray paint that we had left from in the house to paint the wall after I had rolled primer on.  It is soooo much brighter now! 

I have decided that I am going to paint each wall a different color with left over paint.  I think that should make it a bit more whimsical and refreshing to be in there.  Much better than that old dingy wood that was exposed.  I am going to paint the south wall bright yellow.  Here is a peek...  put your sunglasses on!

You may be able to see that I have two work surfaces that will be on the wall.  I will have more at the back corner by the window that will be kid height.  I have a low work bench for the kids too.  I am planning on them having their own little workshop in there .  They like to come out and build things too.

Here is a shot of one of my helpers, Amy. 

Now on the the grand finale.....


Plastic Milk Crates!!!!   Functional and stylish.    

(in a low whisper) and the price was right too. $0

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